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Mrs. Lentz's Class Website

 Welcome to the 3rd Grade!

Thank you for visiting my site. I'm Mary Lentz. This is my 18th year teaching here at Pecan Park, and I’m looking forward to a fun-filled, productive school year. Third grade is a milestone grade level for students as they become more independent and responsible. The purpose of this website is to provide links and resources to foster communication between home and school. I hope you will find this site to be helpful and informative. Let’s work together to make this the best year ever!
   This year, at Pecan Park, third grade teachers are team teaching. Our team includes: Mrs. Chelsea Lennep (teaching writing, science,and social studies), Mrs. Mary Lentz, that's me :) (teaching math), and Ms. Katie Busey (teaching reading and spelling). We're Team L.L.B.!
     Each day, students begin in their homeroom class and then move to First Block at 7:50. Each block of instruction is approximately 90 minutes. Second Block begin at 9:15. We break for lunch and specials, and then Third Block begins at 12:45.  
This enables students to be challenged academically by three different teachers in different classroom environments.  The care and attention for your child is tripled! 
Multiplication is a major concept for third grade.
* Please encourage your child to practice multiplication facts frequently to develop fluency.
We will have fact drills every other week.  To be proficient, students should be able to answer 50 multiplication facts in 5 minutes.
Students will have math homework every Tuesday and Thursday. This will not only give parents a glimpse of what we're learning, but it will give students additional practice and one-on-one attention from parents as you review it together ensuring your child is understanding the concepts. 
The Week 5 study guide will be Tuesday and Thursday's homework.
Complete 1-6 on Tuesday (Sept. 3rd) and 7-12 on Thursday (Sept. 5th).
We will go over it in class. Students will keep it in their binder to study until the test on Tuesday, Sept. 10th.
Students with a parent signature on their study guide (confirming the student studied) will get a 5 point bonus on the math test.
The Unit 1 study guide will be completed in class as additional preparation for the test. There will be an online portion as well as a paper/pencil portion. It will be combined for one score. The online portion of the test will be given on Wednesday, Sept. 11th.