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Katerina Busey » Welcome!


Miss Busey’s Reading Classroom


growAs we all know, the jump from 2ndgrade to 3rd grade is a big one. This year will be one of the most important years for your child! They go from learning HOW to read to reading to LEARN.

As your child’s reading teacher, I strive to get your child become a better reader and more confident in his or her reading skills. 


In my class, we will be doing weekly units in our iReady Reading Workbooks. They will complete the workbook pages in class. We will also be doing centers, reading books, and lots of other fun stuff in my classroom! It won’t always be fun, but they will always be learning!


The purpose of this website is to aid communication between home and school. I hope you will find this site to be helpful and informative. Let’s work together to make this the best year ever!



Vocabulary List #4

prefix “tri”

meaning: three 

origin: Latin







Spelling List 3

Less Common Long Vowel Patterns

raise flight

taste high

gray shy

throw ghost

truth blind

stew both

blue child

why school

sight scene

quite crow

Extra Practice 


Miss Busey’s Schedule


7:05-7:50 Homeroom


7:50-9:15 Mrs. Lentz’ homeroom is in my room (My class is in Mrs. Lennep’s room)


9:15-10:35 Mrs. Lennep’s homeroom is in my room (My class is in Mrs. Lentz’ room)


10:35-11:00 Restroom and Prepare for Lunch (AR Reading)


11:00-11:25 Lunch


11:25-11:35 Bathroom/Water


11:35-12:50 Specials

Monday- Art

Tuesday- PE

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Library

Friday- Computer


12:50-2:05 Homeroom


12:45-1:15 Club Read


2:05-2:25 Recess


2:25-2:40 Homeroom/Pack up/Dismissal